Disaster Cleaning

Outstanding Disaster Cleaning Services When You Need It.

Performing thorough clean-up after a disaster is not an easy job. With your company’s Disaster Action Plan in place, McKenzie’s Disaster Clean-Up services can partner with you to recover faster from that unexpected catastrophe so you can get back to business. We have all the essential safety gear appropriate for any type of disaster that hits. Our workers are trained and experienced with the ability to handle the clean-up of any magnitude. You can put your trust in McKenzie’s to restore your work environment and give you the peace of mind you need to successfully forge ahead after the unexpected strikes.



Areas In Which We Specialize

Our company offers a variety of disaster clean-up services to assist during these times of unexpected tragedy. Below are some of the areas in which we specialize:

Water Disaster

Water can cause a considerable amount of damage to your property. Not only is it harmful and destructive to your personal effects like electronics, furniture, documents, and other essentials, but even more costly, it can damage the very structure of your building, cause the growth of mold and bacteria and even rust. With McKenzie’s on the job, we will divert and remove water quickly, safely and efficiently to minimize the extent of these potential damages.

Fire Disaster

The effects of fire and smoke require quick action. McKenzie’s is available around the clock to respond and spring into action quickly to restore your property. We handle this type of clean up efficiently and carefully without decreasing the integrity of the scene for police and insurance companies.

Hurricane Disaster Clean-up

Being in Florida, we are prone to hurricanes, tropical storms and even tornadoes that have the propensity to cause extensive damage. You can rest assured that cleaning up after these natural disasters is a job we can safely and efficiently handle. We properly assess the damage in order to create a solid plan of action so the job can be right the first time around.