Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning Services

Do you want to restore that shiny, scuff-free look to your flooring? No matter the type of flooring, and despite all of the wear and tear showing up in those high traffic areas, McKenzie’s has trained individuals to restore your floors to a like new condition. At McKenzie’s Cleaning Inc, we have the right people, equipment and cleaning products to thoroughly clean all floor types in any commercial setting. Our advanced floor scrubbers can lift embedded debris and stains from the floor and we can also refinish floors to give them an impressive shine.

Carpet Care

Although cleaning fabric is challenging, the right people, equipment and products can make it a much simpler task. We have the specialized equipment needed to clean your carpet and other upholstery with ease. We maintain stock of a variety of approved detergents specifically for carpet and other porous materials. We confidently guarantee the best carpet cleaning in South Florida. We keep your carpet clean, neat and smelling fresh.

Strip & Wax Cleaning

At McKenzie’s, stripping at the appropriate time is an essential step in the restoration process of any flooring. Too many coats of wax may cause the floor to dull as dirt, stains and other abrasives are tracked inside every time someone walks through the door. Of course, you always want to make the best impression and your floor is many times, one of the first things people notice when they enter. McKenzie’s Cleaning makes sure to remove all layers of old wax, before cleaning and refinishing your floors; not only restoring a like-new appearance, but preventing potential future long-term damage and helping you avoid costly repairs or replacements.

Machine Scrub Cleaning

The flooring in your establishment is important – clean, beautiful floors can create an inviting and welcoming experience for your clients, employees, and guests. McKenzie’s is here to help you keep your facility looking its best! Our services include thorough, frequent and hygienic floor cleaning using top of the line floor scrubbing equipment;whether it’s hardwood floors, tiles, concrete, or any other type of flooring, McKenzie’s can handle the job.

Pressure Cleaning

With the many benefits it renders, pressure washing should be a part of every business’s cleaning and maintenance routine. McKenzie’s has a range of pressure cleaning machines to tackle the constant beating your exterior is exposed to like sun, rain, wind, dirt, insects, etc. Let us keep your establishment’s exterior clean and safe for your employees, clients and guests.

Escalator Cleaning

Escalator handrails are in the top 10of dirtiest things in a public setting and in the time of COVID this makes their cleanliness even more of a priority for you and your business. At McKenzie’s we take health and sanitizing very seriously. Thoroughly cleaning the handrails, stairs and glass panels are never overlooked or taken for granted. We clean as often as needed as determined by the amount of traffic you have. Cleaning often ensures your escalator maintains its efficiency and remains healthy for everyone who rides in your facility.